Singaporean musicians born in 1981

Here are 8 famous musicians from Singapore were born in 1981:

Saito Nagasaki

Saito Nagasaki (July 22, 1981-) is a Singaporean , .

Genres he performed include Industrial music, Trance music and Electronic body music.

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Kelvin Tan

Kelvin Tan (October 5, 1981 Singapore-) also known as Weilian, Kelvin Tan Weilian, Kelvin Tan or Kelvin Tan Wei Lian is a Singaporean singer.

His albums: I-Weilian, All I Want Is..., Moving Notes...Kelvin Tan, Remnants from the Cities of Reason and Explorations in View of the Mercy Seat. Genres: Mandopop.

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Hong Junyang

Hong Junyang (August 17, 1981-) is a Singaporean singer.

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龔詩嘉 (July 25, 1981 Singapore-) a.k.a. Gong Shi Jia, 龚诗嘉, Kaira Gong or Gong, Kaira is a Singaporean singer.

Genres: Mandopop.

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Taufik Batisah

Taufik Batisah (December 10, 1981-) also known as Batisah, Taufik is a Singaporean singer.

Discography: Blessings.

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JJ Lin

JJ Lin (March 27, 1981 Singapore-) also known as リン・ジュンジエ, Wayne Lim, Lin Jun-jie, ÁÖ¿¡½Ü, Lin Jun Jie, 林俊杰, Lín Jùnjié or Wayne Lin is a Singaporean singer, composer, actor, model, songwriter and musician.

His albums: 編號89757, Yue Xing Zhe, Music Voyager, West Side, Cao Cao, Second Heaven, Just JJ World Tour, Waiting for Love, Sixology and 100 Days. Genres: Mandopop.

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Rui En

Rui En (January 29, 1981 Singapore-) also known as RuiΣn or RuiEn is a Singaporean singer, actor, lyricist and presenter.

Discography: vol.01 album, United Nations and Rui ∑n vol. 01.

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Sin Huey

Sin Huey (June 23, 1981 Malaysia-) also known as Sing Chew, Chew Xin Huey, Shi Xin Hui, Shi Xing Hui, Sing Chew Sin Huey or Chew Sin Huey is a Singaporean composer, lyricist and singer.

Her albums: 剧欣卉集, 從台北到北京 and . Genres she performed include Mandopop and C-pop.

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