Singaporean musicians died at 70

Here are 5 famous musicians from Singapore died at 70:

Song Ong Siang

Song Ong Siang (June 14, 1871 Singapore-September 29, 1941) was a Singaporean lawyer.

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Lim Yew Hock

Lim Yew Hock (October 15, 1914 Singapore-November 30, 1984 Mecca) was a Singaporean politician.

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Della Butcher

Della Butcher (April 24, 1922 London-January 11, 1993) was a Singaporean personality.

She died caused by natural causes.

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Goh Soon Tioe

Goh Soon Tioe (October 18, 1911 Padang-February 27, 1982) was a Singaporean conductor, teacher and violinist.

His related genres: Classical music.

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Thamizhavel G. Sarangapani

Thamizhavel G. Sarangapani (April 19, 1903 Thiruvarur-March 16, 1974) also known as Thamizhavel Sarangapani was a Singaporean journalist, writer and publisher.

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