Singaporean musicians died before 30

Here are 7 famous musicians from Singapore died before 30:

Hoi Kim Heng

Hoi Kim Heng (April 5, 1970 Singapore-May 21, 1994 Singapore) was a Singaporean police officer.

He died in murder.

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Chen Chong Swee

Chen Chong Swee (April 5, 2015 Shantou-April 5, 1985 Singapore) was a Singaporean artist and visual artist.

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Georgette Chen

Georgette Chen (April 5, 2015 China-April 5, 1993 Singapore) was a Singaporean personality.

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Lee Kok Cheong

Lee Kok Cheong (April 5, 2015 Singapore-December 14, 1993 Singapore) was a Singaporean professor.

He died caused by murder.

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Yip Cheong Fun

Yip Cheong Fun (April 5, 2015 Hong Kong-September 16, 1989) was a Singaporean photographer.

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Benny Ong

Benny Ong (April 5, 2015 Singapore-April 5, 1994) was a Singaporean fashion designer.

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Bonny Hicks

Bonny Hicks (January 5, 1968 Kuala Lumpur-December 19, 1997 Palembang) was a Singaporean writer and model.

She died as a result of aviation accident or incident.

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