South African movie actors born in the year 1955

Here are 5 famous actors from South Africa were born in 1955:

Shaun Tomson

Shaun Tomson (August 21, 1955 Durban-) is a South African actor, surfer, environmentalist, author and businessperson. His children are called Luke Tomson and Mathew Tomson.

Mbongeni Ngema

Mbongeni Ngema (May 10, 1955 Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal-) a.k.a. Mbogeni Ngema, Mbongeni Israel Ngema, Mboni Ngema, Mbongeni Ngema or Mbongeni Ngema (with the Township Fever Cast) is a South African actor, screenwriter, lyricist, theatre director, composer, orchestrator, writer and theatrical producer.

James Whyle

James Whyle (October 5, 1955 Eastern Cape-) is a South African screenwriter and actor.

Paulo Tocha

Paulo Tocha (December 12, 1955 South Africa-) a.k.a. Bruce Stallion, Pablo Tocha, Paolo Tocha or Paul Torcha is a South African actor, martial artist and fight choreographer.

Greg Latter

Greg Latter (September 1, 1955-) a.k.a. Gregg Latter is a South African actor and screenwriter.

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