South African movie actors born in the year 1977

Here are 5 famous actors from South Africa were born in 1977:

Brett Goldin

Brett Goldin (October 21, 1977 South Africa-April 16, 2006 Cape Town) was a South African actor.

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Danny K

Danny K (September 8, 1977 Johannesburg-) is a South African actor, singer and songwriter.

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Karl Thaning

Karl Thaning (May 9, 1977 Cape Town-) also known as Karl Otto Thaning or Karl Thanning is a South African actor.

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Riaad Moosa

Riaad Moosa (June 18, 1977 India-) also known as The Comedy Doctor is a South African actor, screenwriter, physician and comedian. He has two children, Samir Moosa and Halah Moosa.

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Vittorio Leonardi

Vittorio Leonardi (January 2, 1977 Warrenton, Northern Cape-) is a South African actor and stand-up comedian.

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