South African musicians born in the year 1979

Here are 8 famous musicians from South Africa were born in 1979:

Monique Cassie

Monique Cassie (August 20, 1979 George-) is a South African actor, singer and dancer.

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Yoav (October 15, 1979 Tel Aviv-) is a South African singer-songwriter.

His albums: Charmed & Strange, A Foolproof Escape Plan, Live from Anaheim, We All Are Dancing (Peter Luts Remix), Blood Vine, and Adore. His related genres: Electronic music, Trip hop, Acoustic guitar and Acoustic music.

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Louise Carver

Louise Carver (January 10, 1979 Cape Town-) also known as Carver, Louise is a South African singer-songwriter and pianist.

Related albums: Silent Scream, Saved by the Moonlight, Look to the Edge, Play the Game and The Home Tour Live. Genres she performed: Folk rock.

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Dale Stewart

Dale Stewart (November 30, 1979-) is a South African bassist.

Genres he performed include Alternative metal, Post-grunge, Hard rock, Acoustic music and Heavy metal.

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Kesivan Naidoo

Kesivan Naidoo (June 25, 1979 East London-) is a South African drummer and film score composer.

Genres he performed: Jazz, World music, Electronica and Electronic dance music.

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Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman (November 21, 1979-) is a South African singer-songwriter.

Genres: Rock music, Pop rock and Popular music.

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Elvis Blue

Elvis Blue (December 28, 1979 Linden, Gauteng-) also known as Jan Hoogendyk or Jan Adriaan Hoogendyk is a South African singer, songwriter and musician.

His most recognized albums: Elvis Blue, Journey and Afrikaans. Genres he performed: Pop music and Adult contemporary music.

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Lira (March 14, 1979 Johannesburg-) is a South African singer.

Her most well known albums: Feel Good, Rise Again, The Captured Tour Concert Film, Live in Concert: A Celebration and Soul in Mind. Her related genres: Contemporary R&B and Afro-soul.

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