South African musicians died when they were 39

Here are 6 famous musicians from South Africa died at 39:

Riku Lätti

Riku Lätti (June 11, 1973-December 15, 2012) also known as Riku Latti was a South African singer, songwriter, writer and composer.

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Brenda Fassie

Brenda Fassie (November 3, 1964 Cape Town-May 9, 2004 Johannesburg) a.k.a. Fassie, Brenda, Brenda Frassie or Brenda was a South African singer.

Her albums include Abantu Bayakhuluma, Amadlozi, Compilation 2000, Greatest Hits, Mina Nawe, Mama, The Remix Collection, Nomakanjani?, and Malibongwe: The Gospel Collection. Genres she performed include Pop music and African popular music.

She died in drug overdose.

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Umanji (April 5, 1968 Limpopo-February 26, 2008) was a South African singer-songwriter and musician.

Genres he performed include African popular music.

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Ruben Kruger

Ruben Kruger (March 30, 1970 Vrede-January 27, 2010) was a South African personality.

He died in brain tumor.

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Victor Stiebel

Victor Stiebel (April 5, 2015 Durban-April 5, 1976) also known as Victor Frank Stiebel was a South African fashion designer and author.

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Irene Grootboom

Irene Grootboom (April 5, 1969 South Africa-July 1, 2008 Wallacedene) was a South African personality.

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