South African musicians died when they were 42

Here are 4 famous musicians from South Africa died at 42:

Maitland Hathorn

Maitland Hathorn (April 7, 1878 South Africa-May 17, 1920) was a South African personality.

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Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell (February 9, 1882-October 5, 1924) was a South African personality.

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Johannes Kerkorrel

Johannes Kerkorrel (March 27, 1960 Johannesburg-November 12, 2002 Kleinmond) a.k.a. Kerkorrel, Johannes was a South African journalist, singer-songwriter and playwright.

His albums: Ge-trans-for-meer, Tien Jaar Later, Die Ander Kant, Eet Kreef, Cyanide in the Beefcake, Bloudruk, and .

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Mthuli ka Shezi

Mthuli ka Shezi (April 5, 2015-December 1, 1972) was a South African personality.

He died as a result of assassination.

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