South African musicians died when they were 46

Here are 13 famous musicians from South Africa died at 46:

Herman Charles Bosman

Herman Charles Bosman (February 3, 1905 Kuils River-October 14, 1951) was a South African writer.

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Barney Barnato

Barney Barnato (February 21, 1851 London Borough of Tower Hamlets-June 14, 1897) also known as Barnet Isaacs was a South African entrepreneur. He had three children, Woolf Barnato, Isaac "Jack" Henry Barnato and Leah Primrose Barnato.

He died in suicide.

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Bernard Tancred

Bernard Tancred (August 20, 1865 Port Elizabeth-November 23, 1911) was a South African personality.

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Cyril Francois

Cyril Francois (June 20, 1897-May 26, 1944) was a South African personality.

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Headman Shabalala

Headman Shabalala (October 10, 1945 Ladysmith-December 10, 1991 KwaZulu-Natal) also known as Shabalala Rhythm or Headman Msongelwa Shabalala was a South African singer.

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Alois Hugo Nellmapius

Alois Hugo Nellmapius (May 5, 1847 Hungary-July 1, 1893) was a South African personality.

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Corrie Sanders

Corrie Sanders (January 7, 1966 Pretoria-September 22, 2012 Pretoria) was a South African professional boxer.

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Daisy de Melker

Daisy de Melker (June 1, 1886 Eastern Cape-December 30, 1932 Pretoria) also known as Daisy Louisa C. De Melker was a South African personality.

She died in hanging.

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Z. K. Matthews

Z. K. Matthews (April 5, 2015 South Africa-May 1, 1968) was a South African politician. His child is called Joe Matthews.

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Charles Mullins

Charles Mullins (June 28, 1869 Grahamstown-May 24, 1916 Johannesburg) was a South African soldier.

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Griffiths Mxenge

Griffiths Mxenge (February 27, 1935 King William's Town, Eastern Cape-November 19, 1981) was a South African lawyer.

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Rudolph Lewis

Rudolph Lewis (July 12, 1887 Waterberg National Park-October 29, 1933 Pretoria) also known as Rudolph "Okey" Lewis was a South African professional road racing cyclist.

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David H. M. Brooks

David H. M. Brooks (February 6, 1950 Pietermaritzburg-October 27, 1996 Cape Town) a.k.a. David H.M. Brooks or David H.M.Brooks was a South African philosopher.

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