South Korean movie actors born in the year 1967

Here are 9 famous actors from South Korea were born in 1967:

Song Kang-Ho

Song Kang-Ho (January 17, 1967 Gimhae-) also known as Kang-ho Song, Song Gang-ho, Song Kangho or Song Gang Ho is a South Korean actor. He has two children, Song Jun-pyong and Song Ju-yeon.

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Park Kwang-chun

Park Kwang-chun (May 24, 1967 Seoul-) also known as K.C. Park, Gwang-choon Park, Kwang-choon Park, Kwang-chun Park, Kwang Choon Park, Park Kwang-Choon, Park Kwang-Chun or Park Gwang-choon is a South Korean film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Kim Sang-jin

Kim Sang-jin (August 9, 1967 Seoul-) otherwise known as Sang-Jin Kim or Kim Sang-Jin is a South Korean film director, screenwriter, actor and film producer.

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Park Chul-min

Park Chul-min (January 18, 1967 Gwangju-) also known as Cheol-min Park, Park Cheol-min, Bak Cheol-min, Pak Chŏl-min, Park Chulmin or Park Chol-min is a South Korean actor.

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Cha In-pyo

Cha In-pyo (October 14, 1967 Jongno District-) also known as In-Pyo Cha, Ch‘a Inp‘yo, Cha In Pyo or Cha In-Pyo is a South Korean model, actor, presenter and novelist. He has three children, Jeong-Min Cha, Ye-eun Cha and Ye-jin Cha.

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Lee Moon-sik

Lee Moon-sik (November 13, 1967 Sunchang County-) also known as Lee Mun-shik, Mun-shik Lee, Yi Mun-Sik, I Mun-Sik, Moon-sik Lee, Lee Mun Sik, Lee Moon Sik, Lee Mun-sik or Lee Moonsik is a South Korean actor.

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Ho-Sung Pak

Ho-Sung Pak (November 8, 1967 Seoul-) also known as Hosung Pak, Pak or Ho Sung Pak is a South Korean actor, martial artist, fight choreographer, screenwriter, film producer and stunt performer.

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Sung Dong II

Sung Dong II (April 27, 1967 Incheon-) also known as Dong-il Song, Sung Dong-il, Seong Dong-Il, Sŏng Dongil, Dong Il Sung, Sung Dongil or Sung Dong-ill is a South Korean actor. He has three children, Sung Jun, Sung Bin and Sung Eul.

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Kim Kwang-gyoo

Kim Kwang-gyoo (December 19, 1967 Yeongdo District-) also known as Kwang-gyu Kim, Kim Gwang Kyu, Kim Kwangkyu, Kim Kwang-gyu or Kim Kwang-kyu is a South Korean actor.

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