South Korean movie actors born in the year 1971

Here are 18 famous actors from South Korea were born in 1971:

Jeong Jun-ha

Jeong Jun-ha (March 18, 1971 Seoul-) also known as Jun-ha Jeong, Jung Joon Ha, God of Eating, Shik-sin, Jonathan, Black Pepper, Alcohol CEO, Jung Jun-ha, Jeong Joon Ha, Daegari, Mount Jun-ha, Stupid (Older) Brother, Not-so-responsive (Older) Brother, Secretary Jung, Jeong Joon-ha or Jung Junha is a South Korean comedian, entertainer, actor and master of ceremonies. His child is called Jeong Loha.

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Ahn Jae-wook

Ahn Jae-wook (September 12, 1971 Donam-dong-) also known as Ahn Jae Wook, An Jae Wook, An, Jae Wook, An Jaewook, Jae-wook Ahn, An Jae-uk, An Chae-uk or Jae Wook Ahn is a South Korean singer and actor.

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Um Sang-hyun

Um Sang-hyun (December 29, 1971 South Korea-) also known as Sang-Hyeon Eom, Sang-hyun-son, Um-oppa, Luke Um, Luke, Eom Sang-hyeon, Ŏm Sanghyŏn, Sang-hyun-so-nyeon, UM Sang-hyun, Sang Hyun Uhm, Um Sanghyun or Uhm Sang-hyun is a South Korean voice actor and actor. He has one child, Um Tae-jun.

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Jang Jin

Jang Jin (February 24, 1971 Seoul-) otherwise known as Jin Chang, Chang Chin or Jin Jang is a South Korean film producer, screenwriter, film director, theatre director, playwright, actor and tv personality. His children are called Jang Cha-in and Jang Cha-yun.

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Hong Seok-cheon

Hong Seok-cheon (February 3, 1971 Cheongyang County-) also known as Suk-Chon Hong, Seok-cheon Hong, Hong Sŏkch'ŏn or Hong Seokchun is a South Korean model and actor. His child is called Hong Yeong-cheon.

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Song Il-gook

Song Il-gook (October 1, 1971 Seoul-) a.k.a. Song Il-guk, Il-kuk Song, Song Il Gook, Song Il Kuk, Il-guk Song, Song Il Guk, Song Ilguk or Song Il-kook is a South Korean actor. He has three children, Song Dae-han, Song Min-gook and Song Man-se.

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Jung Chan

Jung Chan (February 23, 1971 Boryeong-) a.k.a. Chǒng Ch'an, Chan Jung or Jeong Chan is a South Korean actor.

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Lee Seo-jin

Lee Seo-jin (January 30, 1971 Seoul-) also known as イ・ソジン, 李瑞鎮, Seojin lee, Lee Suh-jin or Seo-jin Lee is a South Korean actor and voice actor.

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Jin-hee Ji

Jin-hee Ji (June 24, 1971 South Korea-) a.k.a. Ji Jin Hee, Ji, Jin Hee, Ji Jin-hee, Chi Chin-hŭi, Ji Jin-hui or Ji Jinhee is a South Korean actor.

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Kim Tae Woo

Kim Tae Woo (April 15, 1971 Seoul-) also known as Tae-woo Kim, Gim Tae-u, Kim T'ae-u, Kim Taewoo or Kim Tae Wu is a South Korean actor.

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Kim C

Kim C (November 15, 1971 Chuncheon-) also known as Kim Dae Won or Dae-won Kim is a South Korean composer, singer, songwriter, actor and presenter. He has one child, Kim Yu-ju.

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Ryu Seung-Su

Ryu Seung-Su (August 12, 1971 Busan-) a.k.a. Seung-soo Ryu, Seung-su Ryu, Ryu Seung-soo, Ryu Seung Soo, Ryoo Seung-soo, Ryu Sŭngsu, Ryu Seungsoo or Ryu Seung Su is a South Korean actor and writer.

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Park Yong-woo

Park Yong-woo (March 16, 1971 Seoul-) a.k.a. Park Yong-wu, Young-wu Park, Bak Yong-u, Pak Yongu, Park Yong Woo, Park Yong U, Yong Woo Park or Yong-woo Park is a South Korean actor.

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Ma Dong-Seok

Ma Dong-Seok (March 1, 1971 South Korea-) a.k.a. Don Lee, Dong-seok Ma, Ma Dong-suk, Lee Dong-seok, Ma Dong Seok, I Dong-seok, Ma Tong-sŏk, I Tong-sŏk, Ma Dong Suk, Lee Dongseok or Ma Dongseok is a South Korean actor and personal trainer.

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C. S. Lee

C. S. Lee (December 30, 1971 Cheongju-) a.k.a. Charlie Lee, Charlie S. Lee, CS Lee, C. S. Lee, Charles S. Lee or C.S. Lee is a South Korean actor.

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Jung Woong-in

Jung Woong-in (January 20, 1971 Jecheon-) also known as Jeong Ung-In, Chŏng Ung-in, Woong-in Jung, Jeong Woong-in, Jung Woongin or Woong-in Jeong is a South Korean actor. He has three children, Jeong Se-yun, Jeong So-yun and Jeong Da-yun.

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Tae-Joon Ryu

Tae-Joon Ryu (December 7, 1971 South Korea-) also known as Tae-Jun Ryu, Tai Joon Ryu, Ryu Tae-joon, Ryu Tae-jun, Ryu T'ae-chun or Yoo Tae-joon is a South Korean actor.

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Kwon Oh-joong

Kwon Oh-joong (November 24, 1971 Mapo District-) otherwise known as Oh-jung Kwon, Oh-joong Kwon or Kwon O-joong is a South Korean actor.

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