South Korean movie actors died in the year 2012

Here are 5 famous actors from South Korea died in 2012:

Yong-tae Kim

Yong-tae Kim (November 17, 1963 South Korea-December 28, 2012) a.k.a. Kim Young-Tae or Kim Yong-tae was a South Korean actor.

Guk Jeong-Hwan

Guk Jeong-Hwan (March 23, 1943 Jeonju-October 23, 2012) a.k.a. Jeong-hwan Guk, Jun-hwam Gok, Gok Jun Hwam, Kuk Jeong-Hwan, Kook Jeong-hwan, Jeong-Hwan Kook, Kook Jong-hwan or Kook Junghwan was a South Korean actor.

Jang Min-Ho

Jang Min-Ho (September 29, 1924 Sinchon County-November 2, 2012) otherwise known as Min-ho Jang, Chang Min-ho or Jang Minho was a South Korean actor and voice actor.

Kyeong-hwan Jo

Kyeong-hwan Jo (March 21, 1945 South Korea-October 13, 2012) otherwise known as Cho Kyung-Hwan was a South Korean actor.

Han Ju-Yeol

Han Ju-Yeol also known as Ju-yeol Han was a South Korean actor.

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