South Korean actors died in Myocardial infarction

Here are 2 famous actors from South Korea died in Myocardial infarction:

Heo Jang-kang

Heo Jang-kang (May 9, 1925 Seoul-September 21, 1975 Jung District, Seoul) also known as Jang-kang Heo, Ho Chang-kang, Heo Jang-gang, Heo Jang Gang, Huh Jang-Kang, Jang-gang Heo, Jeong-kang Heo, Heo Jangkang or Heo Chang-kang was a South Korean screenwriter, film director and actor. He had two children, Jun-ho Heo and Gi-ho Heo.

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Choi Moo-ryong

Choi Moo-ryong (February 25, 1928 Paju-November 11, 1999 Bucheon) a.k.a. Choe Mu-ryong, Choi Mun-Lyong, Mu-ryong Choi, Choi Mu-ry«íng, Moo-ryong Choi, Choi, Moo-Ryong, Mun-lyong Choi or Choi Mooryong was a South Korean actor, film director and film producer. He had six children, Choi Min-soo, Choi Young-sook, Choi Jin-kyeong, Choi Jung-woo, Choi Hyun-sook and Choi Ye-suk.

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