South Korean movie actresses born in the year 1941

Here are 7 famous actresses from South Korea were born in 1941:

Hye-jeong Kim

Hye-jeong Kim (March 3, 1941 Masan-) otherwise known as Kim Hye-Jung or Kim Hye-jeong is a South Korean actor.

Kim Hye-ja

Kim Hye-ja (September 14, 1941 Seoul-) also known as Hye-ja Kim, Gim Hye-ja or Kim Hyecha is a South Korean actor.

Tae Hyun-sil

Tae Hyun-sil (December 28, 1941 Kimchaek-) a.k.a. Hyeon-shil Tae or Tae Hyunsil is a South Korean actor.

Na Moon-hee

Na Moon-hee (November 30, 1941 Beijing-) also known as Mun-hee Na, Moon Hee Na, Mun Hui Na, Moon-hee Nah, Na Mun-Hee, Na Munhŭi, Na Mun-hui, Na Gyeong-ja, Na Kyŏngja, Na Moon Hee, Nah Moon-hee, Na Kyung-ja, Na Moonhee or Na Mun Hui is a South Korean actor and voice actor.

Choi Seon-Ja

Choi Seon-Ja (November 3, 1941 Jeonju-) a.k.a. Seon-ja Choi, Choi Sun-ja, Choe Seon Ja or Choi Sunja is a South Korean actor.

Kang Bu-Ja

Kang Bu-Ja (February 8, 1941 Nonsan-) is a South Korean actor.

Jang Mi-ja

Jang Mi-ja (February 3, 1941 South Korea-) also known as Mi-ja Jang or Jang Mija is a South Korean actor. She has two children, Park Kang and Park Joon.

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