South Korean movie actresses born in the year 1953

Here are 5 famous actresses from South Korea were born in 1953:

In-ok Lee

In-ok Lee (July 12, 1953 Seoul-) also known as Lee In-Ok or Lee In-ock is a South Korean actor.

Oh Yeong-Hwa

Oh Yeong-Hwa (March 15, 1953 South Korea-) also known as Yeong-hwa Oh, Oh Young-Hwa or Oh Younghwa is a South Korean actor.

Yun Hee-jeong

Yun Hee-jeong (June 11, 1953 Incheon-) also known as Yun Hui-jeong, Yoon Heejung or Yoon Hee-Jeong is a South Korean singer and actor.

Kim Su-Hee

Kim Su-Hee (March 13, 1953 Busan-) is a South Korean actor.

Park Jung-su

Park Jung-su (June 1, 1953 South Korea-) a.k.a. Park Jungsoo or Park Jeong-su is a South Korean actor. She has two children, Woo Joo-hyun and Woo Seung-hyun.

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