South Korean movie actresses born in the year 1954

Here are 6 famous actresses from South Korea were born in 1954:

Yeong-ran Lee

Yeong-ran Lee (March 6, 1954 South Korea-) also known as Lee Yeong-ran, Lee Young-lan, Lee Youngran, Lee Young-Ran or Young-lan Lee is a South Korean actor and professor.

Bang Hee

Bang Hee (July 15, 1954 Jeonju-) also known as Hie Bang, Pang Hui, Bang Hee or Young-in Kim is a South Korean actor. She has one child, Im Jin-hyeok.

Jeong Yun-hui

Jeong Yun-hui (June 4, 1954 Tongyeong-) also known as Jeong Yun-Hee, Yun-hie Jeon, Yun-hie Jeong, Chǒng Yun-hǔi or Jung Yoonhee is a South Korean actor.

Kim Jeong-Ha

Kim Jeong-Ha (April 1, 1954 Incheon-) also known as Jeong-ha Kim is a South Korean actor.

Jeong So-Nyeo

Jeong So-Nyeo (January 21, 1954-) is a South Korean actor.

Moon Sook

Moon Sook (May 19, 1954 Yangju-) otherwise known as Suk Mun is a South Korean actor.

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