South Korean movie actresses born in the year 1960

Here are 6 famous actresses from South Korea were born in 1960:

Lee Mi-sook

Lee Mi-sook (April 2, 1960 Danyang County-) a.k.a. Lee Mi-suk, Mi-sook Lee, Mi-suk Lee, I Mi-suk, Yi Misuk, Lee Mi-Sook or Lee Misook is a South Korean actor. She has one child, Hong Pil-won.

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Won Mi-kyung

Won Mi-kyung (April 24, 1960 Chuncheon-) otherwise known as Won Mi-gyeong, Wŏn Migyŏng, Mi-kyeong Won, Won Mi Kyoung or Won Mi-Kyung is a South Korean actor. Her child is called Lee Ye-rin.

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Im Ye-jin

Im Ye-jin (January 24, 1960 Seoul-) also known as Im Ye Jin, Im Yea-jin, Lim Ki Hui, Ye-jin Lim, Im Ye-chin, Im Hye Jin, Yim Ye-jin, Lim Ye-jin, Im Gihŭi, Im Gi-hui, Im Ji-Hee, Ye-jin Im or Im Ki-hee is a South Korean actor.

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Jung Ae-ri

Jung Ae-ri (August 11, 1960 Yeonggwang County-) a.k.a. Ae-ri Jeong, Jung Ae Ri, Chung Ae-rie, Chŏng Aeri, Jeong Ae-ri, Ae-ri Jung or Jung Aeri is a South Korean actor. She has one child, Park Ji-Hyun.

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Song Ok-sook

Song Ok-sook (August 14, 1960 South Korea-) also known as Song Ok-suk, Wok-suk Song, Oksook Song, Ok-sook Song, Song Ok Sook, Song Oksook or Ok Sook Song is a South Korean actor and professor. She has three children, Lee Chang-yeon, Lee Chang-seon and Song Ji-won.

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Cha Hwa-Yeon

Cha Hwa-Yeon (December 27, 1960 South Korea-) otherwise known as Hwa-Yeon Cha is a South Korean actor.

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