South Korean musicians born in the year 1965

Here are 7 famous musicians from South Korea were born in 1965:

Kim Roi-ha

Kim Roi-ha (November 15, 1965 Gyeonggi Province-) otherwise known as Rae Ha KIM, Roe-ha Kim, Kim Roae-Ha, Roi-ha Kim, Kim Roe-ha, Kim Roeha or Kim Nae-ha is a South Korean actor.

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Kim Jang-hoon

Kim Jang-hoon (August 14, 1965 Seoul-) also known as Jang-hun Kim, Kim Janghoon, Gim Jang-hun or Kim Changhun is a South Korean singer and actor.

His most recognized albums: , Maestro 01 [digital Single], , , It`s Me and Hero. Genres: K-pop and Ballad.

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Jo Kwan Woo

Jo Kwan Woo (August 3, 1965-) also known as Jo, Kwan Woo, Jo Kwanwoo or Jo Kwangho is a South Korean singer.

His albums: Waiting..., My Memories 2, Blue Snow, and . Genres: Ballad and Pop music.

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Kim Jong Seo

Kim Jong Seo (February 23, 1965-) also known as Kim, Jong Seo, 김종서 or Kim Jong-seo is a South Korean , .

His discography includes: , , 樂 [single], No.9 and . Genres: Ballad, Pop music, Heavy metal and Rock music.

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Lee Seung Hwan

Lee Seung Hwan (December 13, 1965 Busanjin District-) a.k.a. Leeseunghwan, Little Prince, Lee Seunghwan, Seunghwan, Lee, I Seung-hwan or Yi Sŭng-hwan is a South Korean singer, musician, record producer, songwriter and film score composer.

His discography includes: Karma, Monglong, , His Ballad I, Cycle, mallang, Dreamizer and His Ballad. Genres related to him: Pop music, Ballad, K-pop, Rock music and Adult contemporary music.

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Bang Eun-jin

Bang Eun-jin (August 5, 1965 Seoul-) a.k.a. Eun-jin Pang, Eun-jin Bang, Pang Eun-jin, Pang Eun Jin, Eun Jin Pang, Bang Eun-Jin or Bang Eun Jin is a South Korean actor and film director.

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Lee Byung-woo

Lee Byung-woo (January 22, 1965 Seoul-) also known as Lee Byeong Woo, Lee Byung Woo, Byeongwoo Lee, Lee, Byung-Woo, Byung-woo Lee, Byeong-woo Lee, Yi Byŏng-u, I Byeong-u, Lee Byeong-woo, I Pyŏng-u or Lee Byeong U is a South Korean film score composer, musician and professor.

His most well known albums: A Tale of Two Sisters & Memories (from Three), The Host and . Genres he performed: Film score.

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