South Korean musicians born in the year 1969

Here are 6 famous musicians from South Korea were born in 1969:

Joon Park

Joon Park (July 20, 1969 Seongbuk-dong-) also known as Joon Park, 박준형, 朴俊炯, Joon Hyung Park or Park Joon Hyung is a South Korean singer and actor.

Genres related to him: K-pop.

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Uhm Jung-hwa

Uhm Jung-hwa (August 17, 1969 Jecheon-) otherwise known as Eom Jeong Hwa, Ŏm Jŏng Hwa, Madonna of Korea, Jung-Hwa Uhm, Jeong-hwa Eom, Um Jung-Hwa, Eom Jeong-hwa, Ŏm Chŏnghwa, Uhm Jeong-hwa, Um Junghwa, Um Jung Hwa, Uhm Jung Hwa, Uhm Jeong Hwa, Eom Jung Hwa or Um Jeong Hwa is a South Korean singer, actor and fashion designer.

Related albums: 화, Prestige, nvitation, Disco [mini Album], 005.1999.06 and All Details. Genres related to her: K-pop, Dance music and Synthpop.

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Lee So-ra

Lee So-ra (December 29, 1969 North Gyeongsang Province-) also known as 이소라, Lee So Ra, Lee, So Ra or Lee Sora is a South Korean singer.

Her albums include Nunsseopdal, My One And Only Love, 7jip, Sora`s Diary, , [Heart Cross], Best and Kkot. Her related genres: Pop music, Ballad and K-pop.

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Kim Wan-sun

Kim Wan-sun (May 16, 1969 Seoul-) otherwise known as 김완선, Kim Wan-seon, Kim I-seon or Kim Wan Sun is a South Korean singer.

Her albums include Gibun Joheun Nal, Innocence, S & Remake, Return Seventeen, Super Love [ep], and Be quiet. Genres: Dance music, Pop music, Mandopop and K-pop.

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Yoon Jong Shin

Yoon Jong Shin (October 15, 1969 Jinhae-gu-) also known as Yoon Jong-shin, Yun Jong-sin, Yun Chong-sin, Yoon Jongshin, Yoon Jong-Sin, Jong-shin Yoon, Jong-shin Yun or Yun Jong-shin is a South Korean singer, actor, composer and film score composer. He has three children, Ra-ik Yoon, Ra-im Yoon and Ra-oh Yoon.

His albums: , Monthly 2010 Octorber [single], Monthly [single], Sorrow, 2011 月刊 尹鍾信 August [single], , , , and . Genres he performed include Ballad and Pop music.

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Yang Hyun-suk

Yang Hyun-suk (December 2, 1969 Seoul-) also known as Yang Goon or YG is a South Korean singer, record producer, singer-songwriter, music executive, businessperson and dancer. He has one child, Yang Yoo-Jin.

Genres he performed include Hip hop music and Pop music.

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