South Korean musicians died when they were 37

Here are 3 famous musicians from South Korea died at 37:

Jang Jin-young

Jang Jin-young (June 14, 1972 Jeonju-September 1, 2009 Banpo-dong) a.k.a. Chang Jin-yeong, Jin-Young Jang, Jang Jin Young, Jang Jin-yeong, Chang Chin-yŏng, Jang Jinyoung or Jang Jin Yeong was a South Korean model and actor.

She died in stomach cancer.

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Kang Kyeong-ae

Kang Kyeong-ae (April 20, 1907-April 26, 1944) was a South Korean personality.

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Ha Gil-jong

Ha Gil-jong (April 13, 1941 Busan-February 28, 1979 Daegu) was a South Korean screenwriter, film director and translator.

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