South Korean musicians died when they were 59

Here are 2 famous musicians from South Korea died at 59:

Chung Kook-chin

Chung Kook-chin (January 2, 1917-April 5, 1976) was a South Korean personality.

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Ahn Changho

Ahn Changho (November 9, 1878 Kangso-guyok-March 10, 1938 Busan) otherwise known as Dosan, Ahn Chang-ho, An Ch'angho, Tosan, Ahn Ch'i-sam or Dosan Ahn Chang-ho was a South Korean writer, public speaker, educator, diplomat, activist and politician. He had five children, Susan Ahn Cuddy, Philip Ahn, Philson Ahn, Ralph Ahn and Soorah Ahn.

He died in illness.

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