South Korean musicians died when they were 78

Here are 3 famous musicians from South Korea died at 78:

Kim Ki-young

Kim Ki-young (October 10, 1919 Gyeongun-dong-February 5, 1998 Seoul) otherwise known as Kim Gi-Yeong, Gim Gi-yeong, Kim Ki-y«íng, Ki-young Kim, Kim, Ki-Young, Kim Kiyoung or Ki-yeong Kim was a South Korean film producer, film director, screenwriter and film editor. His children are called Kim Dong-won and Kim Dong-yang.

He died caused by fire.

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Kang Chang-gi

Kang Chang-gi (August 28, 1928 Korea under Japanese rule-January 5, 2007 Seoul) was a South Korean personality.

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Do Kum-bong

Do Kum-bong (August 27, 1930 Incheon-June 3, 2009 Guui-dong) a.k.a. Do Geum-bong, Geum-bong Do, Kum-bong Do, Jeong Ok-sun, Chong Ok-sun, To Kum-pong, Ji Il-hwa, Chi Il-hwa, Do Keum-Bong, Do Gum-bong or Do Geumbong was a South Korean actor.

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