Spanish movie actors born in the year 1919

Here are 5 famous actors from Spain were born in 1919:

José Suárez

José Suárez (September 19, 1919 Asturias-August 6, 1981 Moreda, Aller) also known as José Suárez Sánchez, Jose Suarez, José Suarez or José Lisardo Suárez Sánchez was a Spanish actor. He had one child, María Eugenia Suárez.

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José María Caffarel

José María Caffarel (November 10, 1919 Barcelona-November 6, 1999 Barcelona) also known as Josep M. Cafarel, José Mª Cafarel, Jose Maria Cafarell, Jose Mª Cafarell, Josef Cafarell, José María Cafarell, José Mª Cafarell, Giuseppe Cafarelli, J. Mª Caffarel, J.Mª. Caffarel, John Caffarel, Jose M. Caffarel, Jose Ma. Caffarel, Jose Maria Caffarel, Jose Ma Caffarel, Jose Caffarel, José M. Caffarel, José Mª. Caffarel, José Mª Caffarel, José Caffarel, S. M. Caffarel, Jose Mª Caffarell, José M. Caffarell, José M.ª Caffarell, José Mª Caffarell, Caffarel, José M. Cafffarel or José María Caffarel Fábregas was a Spanish actor and voice actor. He had one child, Carmen Caffarel.

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Armando Calvo

Armando Calvo (December 25, 1919 San Juan-July 6, 1996 Mexico City) also known as Armando Pascual Calvo Lespier or Armandito was a Spanish actor.

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Mingote (January 17, 1919 Sitges-April 3, 2012 Madrid) also known as Antonio Mingote, Antonio Mingote Barrachina or Ángel Antonio Mingote Barrachina was a Spanish cartoonist, writer, journalist and actor.

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Miguel Gila

Miguel Gila (March 12, 1919 Madrid-July 13, 2001 Barcelona) also known as Gila, Miguel Gila Cuesta or 'Gila' was a Spanish comedian and actor.

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