Spanish movie actors born in the year 1929

Here are 6 famous actors from Spain were born in 1929:

José Luis Borau

José Luis Borau (August 8, 1929 Zaragoza-November 23, 2012 Madrid) a.k.a. Jose L. Borau, Jose Luis Borau, J.L. Boraw, Louis Boraw or José Luis Borau Moradell was a Spanish screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor and television director.

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Víctor Israel

Víctor Israel (June 13, 1929 Barcelona-September 19, 2009 Spain) also known as Victor Rael, Josep Maria Soler Vilanova, Víctor D'Israel, Victor Israel, Víctor Isrrael or José María Soler Vilanova was a Spanish actor.

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Germán Robles

Germán Robles (March 20, 1929 Gijón-) also known as Germán Horacio Robles or German Robles is a Spanish actor, television director and voice actor.

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Arturo Fernández Rodríguez

Arturo Fernández Rodríguez (February 21, 1929 Gijón-) also known as Arturo Fernandez, Arturo Fernández Rodríguez or The tiger of the Piles is a Spanish actor and professional boxer. He has three children, Maria Isabel Fernández, Arturo Fernández and Maria Dolores Fernández.

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Juanjo Menéndez

Juanjo Menéndez (May 15, 1929 Madrid-November 7, 2003 Madrid) a.k.a. Juan José Menéndez Gutiérrez de la Torre, Juan Jose Menendez, Juanjo Menendez or Juan José Menéndez was a Spanish actor. His child is called Natalia Menéndez.

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Héctor Alterio

Héctor Alterio (September 21, 1929 Chacarita, Buenos Aires-) also known as Hector Alterio, Héctor Benjamín Alterio Onorato or Hetor Alterio is a Spanish actor and voice actor. He has two children, Ernesto Alterio and Malena Alterio.

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