Spanish movie actors born in the year 1932

Here are 13 famous actors from Spain were born in 1932:

Carlos Saura

Carlos Saura (January 4, 1932 Huesca-) also known as Carlos Saura Atarés is a Spanish screenwriter, film director, photographer, writer, production designer, actor and novelist. He has seven children, Carlos Medrano Saura, Manuel Saura Pérez, Shane Chaplin Saura, Diego Saura Pérez, Adrián Saura Pérez, Ana Saura and Antonio Saura.

Manuel Zarzo

Manuel Zarzo (April 26, 1932 Madrid-) a.k.a. Manuel López Zarza, Manuel Zarzo Lopez, Manolo Zarzo, Manolo Zarco, Manuel López Zarzo or Manolo Wattle is a Spanish actor. His children are called David Zarzo and Flavia Zarzo.

Leny Escudéro

Leny Escudéro (November 5, 1932-) a.k.a. Joaquim Leny Escudero or Leny Escudero is a Spanish actor and musician.

Leo Anchóriz

Leo Anchóriz (September 22, 1932 Almería-February 17, 1987 Madrid) a.k.a. Leo Anchoris, Leopoldo de Anchóriz Fustel, Leopard Anchoriz Fustel or Leo Anchoriz was a Spanish actor, screenwriter, writer and film art director.

Hércules Cortés

Hércules Cortés (July 7, 1932 Spain-July 23, 1971 Minneapolis) a.k.a. Claude Dassary, The Mighty Hercules, Alfonso Carlos Chicharro, Hércules Cortez or Pepe Cortes was a Spanish actor.

Luis Marín

Luis Marín (January 16, 1932 Madrid-) a.k.a. José Luis Marín, Luis Marin, L. Marín, Jose Luis Marín, Luis G. Marín or José Luis Marín Gutiérrez is a Spanish actor.

Fernando Guillén

Fernando Guillén (November 22, 1932 Barcelona-January 17, 2013 Madrid) also known as Fernando Guillen, Fernando Gallego Guillén or Fernando Guillén Gallego was a Spanish actor. He had three children, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo and Natalia Guillén.

Rafael Castejón

Rafael Castejón (January 8, 1932 Barcelona-March 15, 2014 Madrid) a.k.a. Rafael Castejon was a Spanish actor. His children are called Jesús Castejón and Rafa Castejón.

Carlos Lucas

Carlos Lucas (July 26, 1932 Spain-December 15, 2004 Madrid) also known as Carlos Lucas Reñé was a Spanish actor.

Antonio Lagares

Antonio Lagares (November 12, 1932 Galicia-July 3, 2013 A Coruña) also known as Antonio Lagares 'Tucho', Tucho Lagares or Antonio Lagares Fernández was a Spanish actor.

Manuel Tejada

Manuel Tejada (August 26, 1932 Linares, Jaén-) also known as Manuel Tejada de Luna or Tejada de Luna is a Spanish actor.

Juan Lluch

Juan Lluch (September 22, 1932 Barcelona-February 17, 2006 Barcelona) otherwise known as Joan Lluch i Minguell was a Spanish actor.

Pedro F. Miret

Pedro F. Miret (April 22, 1932 Barcelona-December 22, 1988) also known as Pedro Miret was a Spanish actor and screenwriter.

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