Spanish movie actors born in the year 1935

Here are 10 famous actors from Spain were born in 1935:


Peret (March 24, 1935 Mataró-August 27, 2014 Barcelona) also known as Pedro Pubill Calaf was a Spanish singer, guitarist, composer and actor.

Manuel Summers

Manuel Summers (March 26, 1935 Seville-June 12, 1993 Seville) also known as Manuel Summers Rivero, Summers, Manuel S. Rivero or La familia Summers was a Spanish film director, screenwriter, writer, actor and film producer. His children are called David Summers Rodríguez and Cheyenne Summers.

Joaquim Jordà

Joaquim Jordà (August 9, 1935 Santa Coloma de Farners-June 24, 2006 Barcelona) also known as Joaquín Jordá , Joaquin Jorda, Joaquín Jordà, Joaquim Jordà Catalá or Joaquim Jorda was a Spanish screenwriter, actor and film director. He had two children, Sergi Jordà and Bruno Jordà.

Saturnino García

Saturnino García (February 5, 1935 Cimanes de la Vega-) also known as Saturnino Garcia is a Spanish actor.

Álvaro de Luna

Álvaro de Luna (April 10, 1935 Madrid-) also known as Álvaro de Luna Blanco, Alvaro De Luna, Álvaro de Luna 'El Algarrobo', Alvaro de Luna 'El Algarrobo' or Alvaro de Luna Blanco is a Spanish actor.

Daniel Martín

Daniel Martín (May 12, 1935 Cartagena, Spain-September 28, 2009 Nuévalos) a.k.a. José Martínez Martínez, Daniel Martin, Denny Martin, Danny Martín or Dan Martin was a Spanish actor.

Paco Valladares

Paco Valladares (August 20, 1935 Pilas, Spain-March 17, 2012 Madrid) a.k.a. Francisco Valladares Barragán, Francisco Valladares or Francis Valladares was a Spanish actor.

Hermann Bonnim

Hermann Bonnim (November 13, 1935 Barcelona-) otherwise known as Hermann Bonnín, Herman Bonin, Herman Bonnin, Hermann Bonnin, Hernann Bonnin or Herman Bonnín is a Spanish actor, film director, screenwriter and casting director. His child is called Nausicaa Bonnín.

Germán Montaner

Germán Montaner (February 25, 1935 Paterna-January 31, 2004 Valencia) also known as Germán Montaner Blay was a Spanish actor.

Carlos Durán

Carlos Durán (December 14, 1935 Barcelona-November 11, 1988) a.k.a. Carles Duran, Carlos Duran, Carles Durán or Carlos Durán Tejido was a Spanish film director, screenwriter, actor and film producer.

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