Spanish movie actors born in the year 1945

Here are 9 famous actors from Spain were born in 1945:

Pep Cortés

Pep Cortés (May 5, 1945 Alcoy, Spain-) a.k.a. Josep Cortes or Pep Cortes is a Spanish actor.

José Luis Ayestarán

José Luis Ayestarán (April 11, 1945 Alcubilla de Avellaneda-) a.k.a. Jose Luis Ayestaran, José L. Ayestarán or Richard Yesteran is a Spanish actor.

Pedro Álvarez-Ossorio

Pedro Álvarez-Ossorio (September 30, 1945 Seville-) also known as Pedro Alvarez Osorio, Pedro Alvarez Ossorio or Pedro Álvarez-Ossorio Rojas-Marcos is a Spanish actor.

Carles Flavià

Carles Flavià (September 10, 1945 Barcelona-) is a Spanish television director and actor.

Carlos Piñar

Carlos Piñar (November 19, 1945 Las Palmas-) a.k.a. Juan Carlos Piñar Aguilera, Juan Carlos Pinar Aguilera or Carlos Pinar is a Spanish actor.

Andres Pazos

Andres Pazos (July 16, 1945 Santiago de Compostela-January 14, 2010 Santiago de Compostela) otherwise known as Andrés Pazos Pérez was a Spanish actor.

Mikel Garmendia

Mikel Garmendia (January 22, 1945-August 6, 2005 Donostia / San Sebastián) was a Spanish actor.


Silvio (August 8, 1945 La Roda de Andalucía-October 1, 2001 Seville) also known as Silvio Fernández Melgarejo or Silvio Fernández was a Spanish singer and actor.

Enric Majó

Enric Majó (March 22, 1945 Rubí, Barcelona-) also known as Enric Majo, Enrique Majo or Enrique Majó is a Spanish actor.

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