Spanish movie actors born in the year 1964

Here are 6 famous actors from Spain were born in 1964:

Eduard Fernández

Eduard Fernández (August 25, 1964 Barcelona-) also known as Eduardo Fernández Serrano, Els Joglars, Eduardo Fernández, Eduard Fernández Serrano or Eduard Fernàndez is a Spanish actor. He has one child, Greta Fernández.

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Emilio Gavira

Emilio Gavira (December 14, 1964 Fuengirola-) also known as Emilio Gaviria, Emilio Gavira Tomás or Emilio Gavira Tomas is a Spanish actor and opera singer.

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Javier Fesser

Javier Fesser (February 15, 1964 Madrid-) is a Spanish film director, screenwriter, film editor, publicist and actor.

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Vincent Pérez

Vincent Pérez (June 10, 1964 Lausanne-) also known as Vincent Perez, Vensan Peres or Vicente Pérez is a Spanish actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. His children are called Tess Pérez, Pablo Pérez and Iman Pérez.

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Paco Tous

Paco Tous (February 10, 1964 El Puerto de Santa María-) also known as Francisco Martínez Tous, Francisco Martínez "Paco" Tous or Paco is a Spanish actor.

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Gines Garcia Millan

Gines Garcia Millan (September 10, 1964 Puerto Lumbreras-) otherwise known as Ginés García Millán, Ginés García, Ginés G. Millán, Ginés Gª Millán, Gines Garcia, Gines G. Millan or Gines Gª Millan is a Spanish actor.

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