Spanish movie actors born in the year 1974

Here are 5 famous actors from Spain were born in 1974:

Paco León

Paco León (October 4, 1974 Seville-) also known as Paco Leon, Francisco Leon, Francisco León Barrios or Francisco Leon Barrios is a Spanish actor, screenwriter, film director and film producer. He has one child, Manuela León.

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Joaquín Reyes

Joaquín Reyes (August 16, 1974 Albacete-) also known as Joaquín Reyes Cano is a Spanish actor, comedian, television director, screenwriter and illustrator.

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Antoni Sole

Antoni Sole (January 12, 1974 Barcelona-) also known as Antoni Sole Vinas or Antonio Solé is a Spanish film producer, screenwriter, actor and film director.

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Iván Sánchez

Iván Sánchez (November 19, 1974 Madrid-) also known as Ivan Sánchez or Ivan Sanchez is a Spanish actor. His children are called Jimena Sánchez and Olivia Sánchez.

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Berto Romero

Berto Romero (November 17, 1974 Cardona, Spain-) also known as Berto, Alberto Romero Tomás or Albert Romero Borràs is a Spanish television director and actor.

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