Spanish movie actors died when they were 75

Here are 6 famous actors from Spain died at 75:

Francisco Rabal

Francisco Rabal (March 8, 1926 Águilas-August 29, 2001 Bordeaux) also known as Francisco Rabal Valera, Paco Rabal, Paco or Francisco Valera was a Spanish actor, screenwriter, film director and voice actor. He had two children, Benito Rabal and Teresa Rabal.

He died in emphysema.

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Paul Naschy

Paul Naschy (September 6, 1934 Madrid-November 30, 2009 Madrid) a.k.a. Jacinto Molina Álvarez, J. Molina, Jacinto Molina, Paul Nash, Paúl Naschy, Hermes Omaña, Paul Naschi, David Molva, Jacinto Molina Alvarez, Boris Karloff of Spain, The Spanish Lon Chaney or Paul Nashy was a Spanish actor, screenwriter, film director, film producer and weightlifter. He had two children, Sergio Molina and Bruno Molina.

He died as a result of pancreatic cancer.

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Sancho Gracia

Sancho Gracia (September 27, 1936 Madrid-August 8, 2012 Madrid) also known as Félix Ángel Sancho Gracia, Félix Sancho Gracia or Sancho Garcia was a Spanish actor. His children are Rodolfo Sancho, Rodrigo Sancho and Félix Sancho.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

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Carlos Larrañaga

Carlos Larrañaga (March 11, 1937 Barcelona-August 30, 2012 Málaga) a.k.a. Carlos Larrañaga Ladrón de Guevara or Carlos Larranaga was a Spanish actor. He had five children, Amparo Larrañaga, Kako Larrañaga, Luis Merlo, Paula Larrañaga and Pedro Larrañaga.

He died in cardiac arrest.

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Modesto Cid

Modesto Cid (March 25, 1879 Ourense-July 5, 1954 Barcelona) also known as Modesto Cid Rodríguez was a Spanish actor.

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Ernesto Vilches

Ernesto Vilches (February 6, 1879 Tarragona-December 8, 1954 Barcelona) also known as Ernest Vilche was a Spanish film director, actor and screenwriter.

He died as a result of traffic collision.

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