Spanish movie actors died in the year 1967

Here are 3 famous actors from Spain died in 1967:

Antonio Moreno

Antonio Moreno (September 26, 1887 Madrid-February 15, 1967 Beverly Hills) otherwise known as Antonio Garride Monteagudo, Antonio Garrido Monteagudo, Anthony Moreno, Antonio "Tony" Moreno or Tony was a Spanish actor and film director.

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Manolo Moran

Manolo Moran (December 30, 1905 Madrid-April 27, 1967 Sant Joan d'Alacant) a.k.a. Manuel Morán León, Manolo Morán, Manuel Moran, Manuel Morán or Manolo Morano was a Spanish actor.

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Luis Hurtado

Luis Hurtado (September 8, 1898 Madrid-November 27, 1967) was a Spanish actor.

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