Spanish movie actors died in the year 1975

Here are 3 famous actors from Spain died in 1975:

Francisco Pierrá

Francisco Pierrá (December 22, 1895 Cádiz-February 6, 1975 Madrid) also known as Francisco Pierrá Gómez or Francisco Pierra was a Spanish actor.

Erasmo Pascual

Erasmo Pascual (May 6, 1903 Ribadavia-June 7, 1975 Madrid) also known as Erasmo Pascual Colmenero was a Spanish actor.

Pepito Pérez

Pepito Pérez (February 16, 1885 Barcelona-July 13, 1975 Santa Ana) also known as Jose Escobar Perez, Pepito the Clown, Pepito Perez, Jose Escobar Pérez or Pepito was a Spanish actor and clown.

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