Spanish movie actors died in the year 1992

Here are 6 famous actors from Spain died in 1992:

Luis Alcoriza

Luis Alcoriza (September 5, 1918 Badajoz-December 3, 1992 Cuernavaca) otherwise known as Luis Alcoriza de la Vega or Alcoriza Luis de la Vega was a Spanish screenwriter, film director, actor and writer.

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Antonio Molina

Antonio Molina (March 9, 1928 Málaga-March 18, 1992 Madrid) also known as Antonio Molina de Hoces was a Spanish singer, actor and film score composer. He had eight children, Ángela Molina, Monica Molina, Paula Molina, Miguel Molina, Noel Molina, Antonio Molina Tejedor, Juan Ramón Molina and José Alberto Molina.

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Gérard Tichy

Gérard Tichy (March 11, 1920 Weißenfels-April 11, 1992 Madrid) also known as Gerardo Tichi, Gerhard Tichy, Gérard Tichy Jr., Gerardo Tichy, Gerhard Tichi, Gerhard Johannes Alexander Tichy Wondzinski or John Alexander Gerhard Tichy Wondzinski was a Spanish actor.

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José Luis Sáenz de Heredia

José Luis Sáenz de Heredia (April 10, 1911 Madrid-November 4, 1992 Madrid) a.k.a. Jose Luis Saenz de Heredia, José Luis Sáenz de Heredia y Osio, J.L. Sáenz de Heredia, José L. Sáenz de Heredia, Luis de Heredia, José Luis Sáenz De Heredia, J. Luis Saenz de Heredia, J.L. Saenz de Heredia or Jose L. Saenz de Heredia was a Spanish film director, writer and actor. He had one child, Ricardo Sáenz de Heredia.

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Augusto Benedico

Augusto Benedico (December 20, 1909 Alicante-January 19, 1992 Mexico City) also known as Augusto Pérez Lías was a Spanish actor and writer.

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Néstor Almendros

Néstor Almendros (October 30, 1930 Barcelona-March 4, 1992 New York City) a.k.a. Nestor Almendros, Nestor Almendros Cuyas or John Nestor was a Spanish cinematographer, film director, actor and screenwriter.

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