Spanish movie actors died in the year 2002

Here are 6 famous actors from Spain died in 2002:

Juan Antonio Bardem

Juan Antonio Bardem (June 2, 1922 Madrid-October 30, 2002 Madrid) also known as J.A. Bardem, Juan Antonio Bardem Muñoz, Juan Antonio Barden, Juan Bardem or J. Antonio Bardem was a Spanish screenwriter, film director, engineer, television director and actor. He had four children, Maria Bardem, Rafael Bardem, Miguel Bardem and Juan Bardem.

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Carlos Berlanga

Carlos Berlanga (August 11, 1959 Madrid-June 5, 2002 Madrid) also known as Berlanga, Carlos, BELANGA, CARLOS, Alaska y Dinarama, Alaska y los Pegamoides, Carlos García Berlanga, Kaka de Luxe or Carlos Jesús García-Berlanga Manrique was a Spanish singer, actor and composer.

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Luis Ciges

Luis Ciges (May 10, 1921 Madrid-December 11, 2002 Madrid) also known as Luis Ciges Martínez, José Luis Ciges, Luis Cijes, Louis Ciges or José Luis Ciges Martínez was a Spanish actor.

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Adolfo Marsillach

Adolfo Marsillach (January 25, 1928 Barcelona-January 21, 2002 Madrid) also known as Adolfo Marsillac, Adolfo Marsillach Soriano or Adolf Marsillach was a Spanish actor, writer, screenwriter, theatre director, playwright, television director and film director. His children are called Cristina Marsillach and Blanca Marsillach.

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Roberto Vidal Bolaño

Roberto Vidal Bolaño (July 31, 1950 Santiago de Compostela-September 11, 2002 Santiago de Compostela) a.k.a. Roberto Vidal was a Spanish actor. He had two children, Roi Vidal Ponte and Carme Vidal Quintáns.

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Emilio García Riera

Emilio García Riera (November 17, 1931 Ibiza-October 11, 2002 Zapopan) was a Spanish actor and screenwriter.

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