Spanish movie actors died in the year 2009

Here are 5 famous actors from Spain died in 2009:

Paul Naschy

Paul Naschy (September 6, 1934 Madrid-November 30, 2009 Madrid) a.k.a. Jacinto Molina Álvarez, J. Molina, Jacinto Molina, Paul Nash, Paúl Naschy, Hermes Omaña, Paul Naschi, David Molva, Jacinto Molina Alvarez, Boris Karloff of Spain, The Spanish Lon Chaney or Paul Nashy was a Spanish actor, screenwriter, film director, film producer and weightlifter. He had two children, Sergio Molina and Bruno Molina.

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José Luis López Vázquez

José Luis López Vázquez (March 11, 1922 Madrid-November 2, 2009 Madrid) also known as Jose L. Lopez Vazquez, José L. López Vázquez, J.L. Lopez Vazquez, Jose Luis Lopez Vaquez, J.L. López Vázquez, Jose Luis L. Vazquez, José Luis Lopez Vázquez, José Luís López Vázquez, José Luis L.Vázquez, Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez, J.L. Lopez Vasquez, J. L. López Vázquez, José Luis López Vázquez de la Torre, José Luis López, José Luis López-Vázquez, José Luis López Vaquez, José Luis Lopez Vaquez, Jose Luis López Vaquez, José Luis López Váquez, J.L. López Vasquez, J.L. López Vásquez, J.L. López Vazquez, J.L. Lopez Vázquez, José L. Lopez Vazquez, José L. López Vazquez, Jose L. López Vazquez, Jose L. Lopez Vázquez, José Luis L. Vazquez, Jose Luis L. Vázquez or José Luis L. Vázquez was a Spanish actor and costume designer. He had four children, Camino Vázquez, Jose Luis Vázquez, Virginia Vázquez and Cayetana Vázquez.

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Víctor Israel

Víctor Israel (June 13, 1929 Barcelona-September 19, 2009 Spain) also known as Victor Rael, Josep Maria Soler Vilanova, Víctor D'Israel, Victor Israel, Víctor Isrrael or José María Soler Vilanova was a Spanish actor.

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Antonio Vega

Antonio Vega (December 16, 1957 Madrid-May 12, 2009 Madrid) also known as Antonio Vega Tallés was a Spanish actor, film score composer, singer-songwriter, author, singer, writer and composer.

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Francisco Piquer Chanza

Francisco Piquer Chanza (June 2, 1922 Valencia-December 11, 2009 Madrid) a.k.a. Francisco Piquer or Paco Piquer was a Spanish actor.

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