Spanish movie actors died in the year 2010

Here are 5 famous actors from Spain died in 2010:

Aldo Sambrell

Aldo Sambrell (February 23, 1931 Vallecas-July 10, 2010 Alicante) also known as Alfredo Sánchez Brell, Aldo S. Brell, Aldo San Brell, Aldo Sanbrel, Adolf Sambrell, Alfred S. Brell, Ald Sambrell, Alfred Brel Sánchez, Aldo Brell, Aldo Sambreli, Aldo Sandrell, Aldo Sambrel, Al Sambrell, Aldo Sanbrell, Alfredo Brel Sánchez, Alfredo Sanchez Brell, Aldo Sanblell, Alfred Brel Sanchez or Harold Sambrel was a Spanish film director, actor, film producer, screenwriter and television director. His child is called Alfredo Xavier Sánchez Cavaleiro.

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Manuel Alexandre

Manuel Alexandre (November 11, 1917 Madrid-October 12, 2010 Madrid) a.k.a. Manuel Alexandre Abarca, Manuel Alejandre, Manuel Aleixandre, Manolo Alexandre or Manuel Alejandre Abarca was a Spanish actor.

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Luis García Berlanga

Luis García Berlanga (June 12, 1921 Valencia-November 13, 2010 Madrid) otherwise known as Luis García Berlanga Martí, Luis Berlanga, Luis G. Berlanga, L.G. Berlanga, Berlanga, Luis Gª. Berlanga, Luis Gª Berlanga, Luis García-Berlanga or Luis Garcia Berlanga was a Spanish film director, screenwriter, actor and television director. He had four children, Jorge García Berlanga, Fernando García Berlanga, José Luis García Berlanga and Carlos Berlanga.

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Jordi Estadella

Jordi Estadella (November 11, 1948 Barcelona-April 30, 2010 Barcelona) was a Spanish voice actor, journalist and actor.

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Antonio Ozores

Antonio Ozores (August 24, 1928 Burjassot-May 12, 2010 Madrid) also known as Antonio Ozores Puchol was a Spanish actor, screenwriter and film director. His child is called Emma Ozores.

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