Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1906

Here are 7 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1906:

Imperio Argentina

Imperio Argentina (December 26, 1906 San Telmo, Buenos Aires-August 22, 2003 Benalmádena) also known as Magdalena Nile del Río or Petit Imperio was a Spanish singer and actor. She had two children, Florián Martínez Nile and Alejandra Goyanes Nile.

Rafaela Aparicio

Rafaela Aparicio (April 9, 1906 Marbella-June 9, 1996 Madrid) otherwise known as Rafaela Díaz Valiente, R. Aparicio or Rafael Aparicio was a Spanish actor and teacher.

Mari Carmen Prendes

Mari Carmen Prendes (September 28, 1906 Segovia-January 27, 2002 Madrid) a.k.a. Carmen Prendes, Mari C. Prendes, Maria Luisa Prendes, Mary Carmen Prendes, María del Carmen Prendes, Mª Carmen Prendes or María del Carmen Prendes Estrada was a Spanish actor.

Magda Donato

Magda Donato (February 6, 1906 Madrid-November 4, 1966 Mexico City) otherwise known as Carmen Nelken Mansberger or Carmen Nelken was a Spanish actor.

Concha Piquer

Concha Piquer (December 13, 1906 Valencia-December 12, 1990 Madrid) also known as Concepción Piquer López or María de la Concepción Piquer López was a Spanish singer and actor. She had one child, Concha Márquez Piquer.

Consuelo Monteagudo

Consuelo Monteagudo (April 3, 1906 Madrid-October 15, 1973 Mexico City) also known as Consuelo Monteagudo de Mejorada was a Spanish actor.

Isabelita Blanch

Isabelita Blanch (November 13, 1906 Valencia-) is a Spanish actor.

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