Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1929

Here are 5 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1929:

Paquita Rico

Paquita Rico (October 13, 1929 Seville-) also known as Francisca Rico Martínez is a Spanish actor and singer.

Lita Baron

Lita Baron (August 11, 1929 Province of Almería-) also known as Isabelita, Isabelita y Miguel or Isabel Beth Castro is a Spanish actor. Her children are called Cindy Calhoun, Tami Calhoun and Lorri Calhoun.

Mayrata O'Wisiedo

Mayrata O'Wisiedo (February 21, 1929 Zaragoza-May 16, 1998 Madrid) also known as María Ostalet Visiedo, Maira O'Wisiedo, Mairata O'Wisiedo or Mayra O'Wisiedo was a Spanish actor and writer.

Maria Rosa Salgado

Maria Rosa Salgado (April 20, 1929 Madrid-March 11, 1995 Madrid) also known as María Rosa Salgado or María Rosa Jiménez Juan-José was a Spanish actor.

Queta Claver

Queta Claver (June 24, 1929 Valencia-May 2, 2003 Alcorcón) a.k.a. Enriqueta Claver, Enriqueta Claver Delas or Enriqueta "Queta" Claver Delás was a Spanish actor.

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