Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1933

Here are 6 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1933:

Amparo Soler Leal

Amparo Soler Leal (August 23, 1933 Madrid-October 25, 2013 Barcelona) also known as A. Soler Leal, Amparo Soler-Leal, María del Ámparo Soler Leal or María Amparo Soler Leal was a Spanish actor.

Julieta Serrano

Julieta Serrano (January 2, 1933 Barcelona-) also known as Julieta Serrano Romero is a Spanish actor.

Susana Canales

Susana Canales (September 5, 1933 Madrid-) also known as Susana Canales Niuce, Susan Canales or Susanna Canales is a Spanish actor.

Laly Soldevila

Laly Soldevila (July 25, 1933 Barcelona-September 12, 1979 Madrid) a.k.a. Laly Soldevilla, Eulalia Soldevila, Lali Soldevila, Lali Soldevilla or Eulàlia Soldevila i Vall was a Spanish actor. She had two children, Juan Borrell and Paula Borrell.

Silvia Casanova

Silvia Casanova (January 18, 1933 Pomar de Valdivia-) a.k.a. Silvia Casanovas is a Spanish actor.

Marisa de Leza

Marisa de Leza (June 9, 1933 Madrid-) otherwise known as Marisa De Leza or María Luisa González Benés is a Spanish actor.

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