Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1941

Here are 5 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1941:

Rosa Maria Sardà

Rosa Maria Sardà (July 30, 1941 Sant Andreu-) a.k.a. Rosa Maria Sarda, Rosa Maria Sardà Tàmaro, Rosa Mª. Sarda, Rosa María, Rosa María Sardá, Rosa M. Sardà, Rosa M. Sardá, Rosa Mª Sarda, Rosa Mª Sardà, Rosa Maria Sardá, Rosa Mª Sardá or Rosa Maria Sardà i Tàmaro is a Spanish presenter, actor, television director, theatre director and comedian. Her child is called Pol Mainat.

María Luisa Merlo

María Luisa Merlo (September 6, 1941 Valencia-) a.k.a. Maria Luisa Merlo Colomina, Mary Marlon, Maria Luisa Merlo or Mª Luisa Merlo is a Spanish actor. She has three children, Luis Merlo, Amparo Larrañaga and Pedro Larrañaga.

María Silva

María Silva (August 16, 1941 Palencia-) also known as Mary Silvers, Mara Silva, María Jesús Marín Rodríguez, Maria Silva or Maria Sylva is a Spanish actor.

Marita Zobel

Marita Zobel (June 18, 1941 Iloilo City-) also known as Mary Ann Blanch i Respall is a Spanish actor. She has six children, Reynaldo Roxas Jr, Raymund Roxas, Maricel Roxas, Robert Roxas, Marisa Roxas and Raymar Roxas.

Núria Feliu

Núria Feliu (September 21, 1941 Barcelona-) also known as Feliu, Núria or Nuria Feliu is a Spanish film score composer, actor and singer.

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