Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1952

Here are 5 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1952:

Mabel Rivera

Mabel Rivera (June 20, 1952 Ferrol-) also known as Maria Isabel Rivera Torres, María Isabel Rivera, María Isabel Rivera Torres or Mabel Rivera is a Spanish actor.

Teresa Rabal

Teresa Rabal (November 5, 1952 Barcelona-) also known as Teresa Rabal Balaguer, Teresita Rabal or Maria Teresa Rabal Balaguer is a Spanish actor and singer. Her children are called María Rabal and Luis Rodrigo Rabal.

Carmen Balague

Carmen Balague (July 17, 1952 Barcelona-) also known as Carmen Balagué, Carme Balaguer, Carme Balagué, Maria del Carmen Balagué Planes or Carme Balague is a Spanish actor.

Loli Tovar

Loli Tovar (March 23, 1952 Extremadura-) also known as Loretta Tovar, Dolores Tovar, Lolita Tovar, Lorena Tower, María Dolores del Loreto Tovar, Loretta Martin or Loli Tovar is a Spanish actor.

Pilar Alcon

Pilar Alcon (October 19, 1952 San Martín de Pusa-) a.k.a. María del Pilar Alcón Gómez or Pilar Alcón is a Spanish actor.

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