Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1953

Here are 6 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1953:

Kiti Manver

Kiti Manver (May 11, 1953 Antequera-) otherwise known as María Isabel Ana Mantecón Vernalte, Kitti Mamber, Kitti Manver, Kitty Manver, Kity Manver or Kiti Mánver is a Spanish actor.

Carmen Belloch

Carmen Belloch (January 9, 1953 Valencia-May 13, 2013 Madrid) a.k.a. Carme Belloch or María del Carmen Belloch López was a Spanish actor and voice actor.

Mar Targarona

Mar Targarona (March 30, 1953 Barcelona-) also known as M. del Mar Targarona is a Spanish film producer, actor, television producer and television director.

Ágata Lys

Ágata Lys (December 3, 1953 Valladolid-) also known as Margarita García Sansegundo, Ágata Lis, Agata Lys, Agatha Lys, Ágatha Lys or Margarita García San Segundo is a Spanish actor.

Carmina Barrios

Carmina Barrios (May 20, 1953 Seville-) also known as Carmen Barrios Huertas is a Spanish actor. She has two children, María León and Paco León.

María Garralón

María Garralón (March 24, 1953 Madrid-) also known as Maria Garralon, Mari Ángeles Garralón or María Ángeles Garralón Pérez de Mendiguren is a Spanish actor.

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