Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1972

Here are 7 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1972:

Eva Hache

Eva Hache (August 7, 1972 Segovia-) a.k.a. Eva Hernández is a Spanish presenter and actor.

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Najwa Nimri

Najwa Nimri (February 14, 1972 Pamplona-) a.k.a. Najwa, Najwajean, Nawjajean, Najwa Nimri or Najwa Nimri Urrutikoetxea is a Spanish singer, actor, composer and film score composer. Her child is called Teo Nabil.

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Natalia Estrada

Natalia Estrada (September 3, 1972 Gijón-) is a Spanish actor. Her child is called Natalia Mastrota.

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Patricia Vico

Patricia Vico (August 27, 1972 Madrid-) otherwise known as Patricia Vico González is a Spanish actor. Her child is called Hugo Calparsoro.

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Arantxa Peña

Arantxa Peña (October 28, 1972 Barcelona-) is a Spanish actor.

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Nathalie Poza

Nathalie Poza (March 7, 1972 Madrid-) also known as Nathalie Poza Maupain, Natalie Poza or Nathalie Pozas is a Spanish actor.

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Toni Acosta

Toni Acosta (April 10, 1972 La Orotava-) otherwise known as Tony Acosta is a Spanish actor. She has two children, Nicolás Martos and Julia Martos.

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