Spanish movie actresses born in the year 1984

Here are 11 famous actresses from Spain were born in 1984:

Mariona Ribas

Mariona Ribas (June 18, 1984 Sabadell-) is a Spanish actor.

Bárbara Lennie

Bárbara Lennie (April 20, 1984 Madrid-) also known as Bárbara Lennie Holguin is a Spanish actor.

Maggie Civantos

Maggie Civantos (December 28, 1984 Málaga-) also known as Maggie Vicantos or Magie Civantos is a Spanish actor.

María León

María León (July 30, 1984 Seville-) also known as María León Barrios is a Spanish actor.

Liana Mendoza

Liana Mendoza (November 19, 1984 Spain-) also known as Ericka Mansky, The Bulldozer or Roxxy is a Spanish actor, stunt performer and screenwriter.

Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera (August 12, 1984 Madrid-) also known as Marian Rivera Gracia, Marian Gracia Rivera, Yan-yan, Marianne Rivera, Pekpek or Marian Gracia is a Spanish model, actor, dancer and music artist.

Andrea Gara

Andrea Gara (April 5, 1984 Madrid-) is a Spanish actor.

Thaïs Blume

Thaïs Blume (September 19, 1984 Barcelona-) is a Spanish actor.

Rocío León

Rocío León (June 25, 1984 Madrid-) is a Spanish actor.

Naiara Arnedo

Naiara Arnedo (March 27, 1984 Donostia / San Sebastián-) is a Spanish actor.

Sara Casasnovas

Sara Casasnovas (May 3, 1984 Ourense-) also known as Sara Casasnovas Pumar, Sara Casanovas or Sara Pumar is a Spanish actor.

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