Spanish movie actresses died in the year 1970

Here are 2 famous actresses from Spain died in 1970:

Soledad Miranda

Soledad Miranda (July 9, 1943 Seville-August 18, 1970 Lisbon) a.k.a. Susann Korda, Susan Korda, Susan Korday, Soledad Rendón Bueno or Sole was a Spanish actor and singer. Her child is called Antonio Simões.

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Prudencia Grifell

Prudencia Grifell (December 27, 1879 Lugo-June 7, 1970 Mexico) a.k.a. Prudencia Grifell Masipon, Prudencia Griffel, Doña Prudencia Grifell, Dña Prudencia Grifell, Doña Prudencia Griffel or Dña. Prudencia Griffell was a Spanish actor. She had five children, Maruja Grifell, Amparo Grifell, Pepe Martínez, Enrique Grifell and Dolores Grifell.

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