Spanish movie actresses died in the year 2000

Here are 3 famous actresses from Spain died in 2000:

Carmen Santonja

Carmen Santonja (July 4, 1934 Madrid-July 23, 2000 Madrid) a.k.a. María Carmen Santonja Esquivias, Carmen Santonja Esquivias, maría del Carmen Santoja or Mari Carmen Santonja was a Spanish composer, singer, actor and painter.

Trini Alonso

Trini Alonso (June 27, 1923 Santander-January 20, 2000) also known as Trinidad Alonso Fernández or Trinidad Alonso was a Spanish actor.


Rosario (November 11, 1918 Seville-January 21, 2000 Madrid) also known as Rosario and Antonio, Florencia Perez Padilla, Florencia Perez or Florence Pérez Padilla was a Spanish dancer and actor.

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