Spanish movie actresses died in the year 2003

Here are 3 famous actresses from Spain died in 2003:

Imperio Argentina

Imperio Argentina (December 26, 1906 San Telmo, Buenos Aires-August 22, 2003 Benalmádena) also known as Magdalena Nile del Río or Petit Imperio was a Spanish singer and actor. She had two children, Florián Martínez Nile and Alejandra Goyanes Nile.

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Jinx Falkenburg

Jinx Falkenburg (January 21, 1919 Barcelona-August 27, 2003 Manhasset) a.k.a. Eugenia Lincoln Falkenburg, jinx_falkenburg, Jinx McCrary, Jinx Falconburg or Jinx Falken was a Spanish actor and model. She had two children, Kevin Jock McCrary and John Reagan McCrary III.

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Maruchi Fresno

Maruchi Fresno (February 14, 1916 Madrid-July 19, 2003 San Lorenzo de El Escorial) a.k.a. Maruschi Fresno, María de Lourdes Gómez-Pamo del Fresno or Maruchy Fresno was a Spanish actor. Her child is called Antonio Guerrero Gomez Pamo.

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