Spanish movie actresses died in the year 2009

Here are 4 famous actresses from Spain died in 2009:

Conchita Núñez

Conchita Núñez (November 17, 2014-June 26, 2009) was a Spanish voice actor and actor.

Lola Lemos

Lola Lemos (May 5, 1913 Brea de Aragón-August 6, 2009 Móstoles) a.k.a. Dolores Garcia Lemos or Lolita Lemos was a Spanish actor.

Mary Carrillo

Mary Carrillo (October 14, 1919 Toledo-July 31, 2009 Madrid) also known as María Carrillo Moreno, Mari Carrillo or María Carrillo was a Spanish actor. She had four children, Paloma Hurtado, Teresa Hurtado, Fernanda Hurtado and Alicia Hurtado.

Mercè Lleixà

Mercè Lleixà (January 19, 1960 Tortosa-May 1, 2009 Barcelona) was a Spanish actor.

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