Spanish musicians born in the year 1960

Here are 8 famous musicians from Spain were born in 1960:

Chano Domínguez

Chano Domínguez (March 29, 1960 Cádiz-) a.k.a. Chano Dominguez, Domínguez, Chano or Sebastián Domínguez Lozano is a Spanish pianist and musician.

His albums include Flamenco Sketches, Hecho a mano, Iman, Oye cómo viene, New Flamenco Sound, 1993-2003, Acoplados, 10 de Paco, Piano Ibérico and Jazzpaña II.

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Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas (August 10, 1960 Málaga-) also known as Jose Antonio Banderas Dominguez, José Antonio Domínguez Banderas, Antonio Bandares or Tony Flags is a Spanish actor, voice actor, film producer, film director, businessperson, singer, dancer and guitarist. His child is called Stella Banderas.

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Enrique Urquijo

Enrique Urquijo (March 15, 1960 Madrid-November 17, 1999) otherwise known as Urquijo, Enrique was a Spanish singer.

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Cristina del Valle

Cristina del Valle (August 1, 1960 Asturias-) also known as Del Valle, Cristina is a Spanish singer.

Genres she performed include Rock music and Pop music.

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Loquillo (December 21, 1960 El Clot-) also known as José María Sanz, José Mª Sanz 'Loquillo', J.M. Sanz, José María Sanz Beltrán or Loco is a Spanish actor and film score composer.

His albums: La Vida por Delante, Con Elegancia, Nueve Tragos, , , , Balmoral, , and .

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Mikel Herzog

Mikel Herzog (April 16, 1960 Bergara-) is a Spanish drummer and singer-songwriter.

Genres related to him: Pop music.

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Pep Sala

Pep Sala (July 17, 1960-) also known as Sala, Pep is a Spanish musician, songwriter, record producer and composer.

His most recognized albums: Un petit moment de dubte, and .

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Iosu Expósito

Iosu Expósito (December 23, 1960 Santurtzi-May 31, 1992 Barakaldo) otherwise known as Jesús María Expósito López or Jose Expósito was a Spanish singer and guitarist.

Genres: Alternative rock, Hardcore punk and Punk rock.

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