Spanish musicians born in the year 1980

Here are 8 famous musicians from Spain were born in 1980:

Ainhoa Cantalapiedra

Ainhoa Cantalapiedra (September 25, 1980 Galdakao-) also known as Ainhoa is a Spanish singer.

Her albums include Imperfecta and Esencia natural. Genres she performed: Pop music, Rock music, Soul music, Folk music and Independent music.

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Lydia Rodríguez Fernández

Lydia Rodríguez Fernández (January 15, 1980 Madrid-) also known as Lydia or Lydia Rodríguez is a Spanish singer.

Her discography includes: Lydia and Si no me pides la vida. Genres: Rock music and Pop music.

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Silvia Marty

Silvia Marty (July 10, 1980 Barcelona-) also known as UPA Dance or Silvia Martí is a Spanish singer, actor and dancer.

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Naím Thomas

Naím Thomas (October 16, 1980 Premià de Mar-) a.k.a. Naïm Thomas, Naim Thomas, Naím Thomas Mansilla, Naïm Thomàs or Naim is a Spanish singer, actor and presenter.

His albums include No tengo prisa. His related genres: Funk and Pop music.

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Alba Gárate

Alba Gárate (December 18, 1980 Barcelona-) a.k.a. Lantana is a Spanish songwriter, singer, actor and musician.

Her albums: , , , , Lantana, and . Genres she performed include Pop music.

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Estrella Morente

Estrella Morente (August 14, 1980 Las Gabias-) also known as Morente, Estrella or Estrella de la Aurora Morente Carbonell is a Spanish singer, singer-songwriter, songwriter, musician and actor. She has two children, Curro Conde and Estrella Conde.

Her discography includes: Calle del aire, Mujeres, Mi Cante y un Poema and Autorretrato. Genres related to her: Flamenco and Cante flamenco.

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Leiva (April 30, 1980 Madrid-) a.k.a. Miguel Leiva or José Miguel Conejo Torres is a Spanish singer-songwriter, composer and musician.

His discography includes: Diciembre. Genres: Pop music and Pop rock.

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David Otero

David Otero (April 17, 1980 Madrid-) also known as Otero, David or El Pescao is a Spanish singer, composer, guitarist and songwriter.

His albums include Nada lógico and .

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